Protected: “You Smile, I Smile” (J.B. Birthday) Cuties…Part TWO

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Bieber Birthday Fever (my neice turns 4) Part One

As if I need a reason to take out my camera, I was asked to compensate for my sis-in-law’s broken camera at my neice’s 4th Bday party. So many cute kids, so little time. Here’s a peek at some of my favorites…(in no particular order of cuteness). Birthday girl only this time. Guest cuties to follow in Part Two…

Location Scouting in Putnam (Part ONE)

Got in some one-on-one time with Natalie this weekend as she helped me do some location scouting in Downtown Putnam. Lots of cool spots for photos, these are only a few. Ended it off with a trip to Deary’s for ice cream and presented Natalie with her very own 1st camera for being such a big helper.

Tower Hill Botanic Gardens

Spent a beautiful Sunday morning with my Mom and the girls meandering through a little piece of paradise. I can’t believe it took me so long to finally get up there and see what everyone’s been talking about. So inspiring. I’ll be back to get some more ideas for my own gardens real soon!

“Photographic Harmony”

“What a harmonious world it could be if every single person, both young and old, shared a little of what he [or she] is good at doing.”-Quincy Jones

This past Saturday was the Opening Reception for the new exhibit at the Worcester Academy of Music. The show is a collaboration between the music school and the Worcester Alliance of Photographers and runs thru November 1st, 2012. Visit my PRESS page for more info. My two lovely daughters and their friend have starring roles in my three photographs selected for the show, and we made a big to-do about their stardom, including a surprise trip to SWEET of Worcester, MA for some cupcake goodness.


An unexpectedly playful ending to a busy weekend. The neighborhood kids vs. mine in an all-out water war with the “big guns”. Forced me to stop running, plop my rear at the picnic table and a gave me a chance to play with my new 70-300mm lens which ROCKS!!! It really lets you stay out of the way and let the play unfold without intruding, while catching some great details like water droplets, windblown hair and those beautiful, emotional expressions. It was a bit chillier than I would like, but you can’t tell looking at these photos…makes me think “Summer’s coming!”.


Spring Blossoms in the Orchard

Not too far down the road, the pink blossoms on the apple trees have just burst out of their branches this week, and there’s still a fresh thick green carpet, abundant with dandelions. I feverishly asked the orchard owner for permission to take some photos before he took his mower out on its maiden voyage for the season. Such a gem to have this beautiful spot so close by. I discovered another gem in the process…my new test model Coco. What a natural. Some of these just make me beam from the inside out (like apple blossoms). CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE ENTIRE GALLERY