Pardon the interruption…(Frisbee WHAT???) The tale of my first maternity shoot.

I have met the enemy, and its name is FRISBEE GOLF.  A large part of why I love photography is it gets you OUTSIDE in the the fresh air. As a photographer, you are in constant search of beautiful backdrops, many in the form of natural surroundings at state parks, on farmers’ fields, by the ocean, and even in backyards. I have been introduced to many places of wonder I never would have known existed if not for my photography, one in particular place being the Buffumville Dam in Oxford, where my first maternity shoot took place earlier this week. I call it a place of WONDER due to its beautiful winding road set atop a pyramid of rocks, overlooking a quaint fish pond and wooded picnic area lush with firs and pines. Mostly, however, because it made me WONDER what the future of our public parks and already limited open spaces is, as it seems they are increasingly at the mercy of becoming a frisbee disc golf course. Now please, I’m not against the “sport” itself. As I said, I’m all in favor of anything that gets people to spend time out of doors, get exercise and stay out of trouble. And while I do think it looks a bit ridiculous, I do admire the thought that went into inventing the cool looking catch-alls (for lack of knowledge of the actual name for those chain-laden-basketball-hoop-slash-torture-device-thingamajiggies). But when ENTIRE public spaces are taken over by a sport of this sort, it pushes away the people who I believe truly appreciate that environment and who visit the parks to sit and be still and reflect.  Everywhere I go it seems another man-course is being put up in what was once a serene, wooded, scenic area fit for roaming freely and privately. Had I done my proper reasearch, and not just done a “drive-by” to scout the place out before my shoot, I wouldn’t have been surprised when a group of guys and their dog so rudely climbed up the dam and occupied the pavement located directly between my camera and my expecting couple and began throwing their frisbees within feet of us (only to then realize WE were actually doing our photo shoot on the 3rd TEE!). Granted, the group moved on after throwing (I’m pretty sure AIM was not a factor) their discs down the road and off into the woods, and as you will soon see, we got some GORGEOUS shots despite the interruption. Needless to say, this was not the only interruption on this muggy summer evening, as we found ourselves dodging frisbees and obeying the “HEADS UP!” calls echoing through the woods as we tried to make it back to the only safe spot we knew of (the PARKING LOT). I felt like Dory and Marlin in Finding Nemo finding themselves suddenly surrounded by a swarm of jellyfish, dodging their tentacles to get to safety. So that’s all I have to say about that. Lessons learned: Do better research before choosing a shoot location; always bring an extra water bottle for the pregnant mommas, fight for conservation of open spaces, and in the meantime, it wouldn’t hurt to wear bright clothing and bring a HELMET.

Thank you for enduring my latest rant. It’s been a while since I’ve written more than a few words to accompany my photos. It feels good!

And now, here’s something you’ll REALLY like 🙂 Check out my next post for a peek at some of the wonderful shots we were able to get of mom-and-dad-to-be! Here’s an appetizer before the main course:

Dog Days of Summer

A maternity shoot has been rained out for two days in a row, leaving my shutter finger itching to capture some new images. What to do, what to do…I know….go prop shopping! So I hit the yard sales and consignment shops and scored some great finds, among them, this gorgeous vintage powder room chair. Dad had the kids out grocery shopping, so I took a few moments before the next storm was due to hit, and after a few doggie treats and several tries to get her into the chair, Bella finally got the hang of it and gave me some pretty poses. Next time I’ll have to put on the Swarovski crystals instead of the backyard collar, but nevertheless, I’m satisfied. After all, Bella does mean “Beautiful”.

Tutus and Caterpillars

At Natalie’s request, a quiet Sunday ended with a quiet photo shoot. Just me, her, and an unexpected fuzzy friend. Oh, and Justin Bieber too.

Recital Costume Redux

Every now and then I’m thankful that I’ve kept all of the girls’ recital costumes over the years. They don’t really play dress-up anymore, but they love throwing these on and getting a little “footloose” every now and again. Especially in the summer…it helps them get through that gap between recital and the next season. Too cute.

Fire in the Sky (Part II) Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg, Webster, MA

July 4th, 2012: The day I officially became ADDICTED to photographing FIREWORKS. (Just when is the next occasion to do this between now and the next Independence Day?). This selection was taken at the display in Webster, MA on Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg. The girls and I had the best seat in the house (IMO), right at the edge of the water on the boat dock. It was a beautiful, clear night, and the fireworks were lit right off the beach. I only wish I had a vantage point in the sky to capture both the fireworks AND their reflection on the lake. After the show, the crowd diverged to their cars, and low but rowdy voices were heard chanting “USA!” or “AMERICA! I LOVE THIS COUNTRY!” and I couldn’t help but think of the men serving our country that didn’t have the privelege of seeing such a show. Therefore, this gallery is dedicated to the United States military. God Bless and God Speed.


Here are my personal favorites:


Fire in the Sky (Putnam, CT Fireworks 2012)

I’m finally getting re-acquainted with my camera since taking the leap into dog ownership about a month ago. Finding a balance between parenthood (of any kind) and taking care of your own needs is a complicated process, but the rewards of managing to do both are just starting to surface.

Leaving the pooch home, and with my two other girls (the humans) in tow, I was happy to have my camera in hand for another amazing fireworks display in Putnam. For a town that size, they draw a HUGE crowd, and anyone who’s been there to watch knows why. This year’s display seemed a little short, but that could very well be just because I was focused on getting some great shots, not just enjoying them as a spectator. Lucky for me I took these, because now I can be a spectator whenever I want, and get to share some of my best images with those who didn’t make it down to see the show. To view the gallery in its entirety, CLICK HERE.

Josh & Abbie {CT Prom Photography}

I just have to say…what a good looking couple! Josh is adorable and Abbie, well, as you can see, she’s just a knock-out in her prom dress. I was so honored to be able to photograph the entire pre-prom process of these two, from hair-and-makeup to their exit ride to Mystic Seaport, CT. This couple has some beautiful energy between them. I wish them both the best.