A beautiful day in the neighborhood

Meet my neighbors. 🙂 This is our 4th year taking pictures together, but I’ve known them for about 12, which is pretty much most (or all) of these kids’ lives. They are some of the kindest kids I’ve ever met, and they make my job pretty easy…

These three represent Elementary, Middle and High School, and are close in age to two of my own. Naturally, Mom and I have become good friends and I love watching her babies become more and more like her every year. Just good people. We were fortunate to catch what was probably the last good fall day with leaves, though scarce, still on the trees. I am sad to see this outdoor portrait season come to an end (oh do I hate the cold!), but just as these kids have seen a growth spurt this year, so has my photography. I am looking forward to the cold nights ahead for time to study up on improving my craft even further. Spring WILL come!!! -K

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