Just a walk in the park…(Woodstock, CT)

Here’s a little sneak peak of my photo session with this family, in all their autumn glory. Dressed in casual warm earthy tones, (and some even blessed with that gorgeous auburn-red hair), they instantly formed a symbiotic bond with the surrounding fall foliage. A photographer’s dream… (more words below)…


The week leading up to this session had me at fist-i-cuffs with Mother Nature (or the WeatherChannel, pick your poison). I should know by now not to check the forecast every ten minutes, because….New England!!! After many hints of postponement, we ended up with better weather than I could have hoped for in mid-October. Perfect sweater weather, dry leaves and soft sunshine made for a comfortable and laid back afternoon along the shoreline of Roseland Park, in Woodstock, CT.

Eleven people. Three siblings. Three spouses. 5 Cousins. Yet, the vibe on Sunday was clearly that of ONE FAMILY. I loved watching their interactions as we moved from one end of the park to the other, especially with the handsome little guy in stripes. I don’t get to run around with little ones too often now that my kids are into iPhones and electric guitars, and it was very easy to be myself with this group.

Fall’s peak foliage won’t be here much longer. If you would like to capture the magic before the trees are bare, contact me at kirstencreightonphotography@gmail.com, on my Facebook page, or on my “contact” page above. -Kirsten


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