Evan. KHS Senior. Class of 2018. #54


What was surely one of the last true summer evenings of 2017 was spent getting to know this senior as we wandered around Owen Bell Park in Killingly, home to KHS’s home team baseball field. After wrapping up the more formal shots, we headed onto the field and it was like the lights turned on and this kid’s face lit up as he spoke about his anticipation of his next and last ball season. Later that evening I found a text message from his mom, which she had apparently been typing up while I was posing Evan in front of the scoreboard. She had been listening to us with her back to us and said that he sounded like a completely different kid from the one she had left the house with. It was so completely evident to both she and I how much he LOVES playing ball and being on the ball field, and I am so happy he felt comfortable sharing that side of him with me. He was truly in his element and is proud to be wearing the #54 on his jersey after nearly a decade. As a previous baseball mom myself, I know how bittersweet this senior year will be all the way up through graduation (though MY son refused to get senior photos done…). Oh, well, glad I got to take this guy’s! Best wishes to Evan and the KHS Class of 2018.

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