Rist Reunion

FAMILY! It’s why we’re all here, right? When two people fall in love and decide to raise a family, a whole new world is opened for the rest of us who follow. It truly is a blessing to share those common ties, not limited to genetics, but forged over time spent together. Near or far, we hold each other’s victories and struggles in our hearts, and as the years pass, hopefully we take the time to celebrate those bonds in person. Life is never certain. I am proud to call one of these family members my friend, and after spending the day with her parents and extended family, it is clear where she and her kids get their unconditionally inclusive nature. I got a chance to take some photographs, but I also was invited to join the family in their trek down 187 cliff-side steps to swim in the deep water off their dock under the NH pines. (This unfortunately carried an unspoken invitation to walk back up those 187 steps.) (see #7 here… http://www.onlyinyourstate.com/new-hampshire/unique-houses-nh/ ). Thankfully, I made it up in one piece so I could drive home and edit these photos. I hope you enjoy! (For best quality, viewing on a full size computer screen is suggested. Still going through the candid shots. More info to come on when and how to view those.)

Roger and Robin, thank you for welcoming me into your home on such a special day!














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