Fire in the Sky (Putnam, CT Fireworks 2012)

I’m finally getting re-acquainted with my camera since taking the leap into dog ownership about a month ago. Finding a balance between parenthood (of any kind) and taking care of your own needs is a complicated process, but the rewards of managing to do both are just starting to surface.

Leaving the pooch home, and with my two other girls (the humans) in tow, I was happy to have my camera in hand for another amazing fireworks display in Putnam. For a town that size, they draw a HUGE crowd, and anyone who’s been there to watch knows why. This year’s display seemed a little short, but that could very well be just because I was focused on getting some great shots, not just enjoying them as a spectator. Lucky for me I took these, because now I can be a spectator whenever I want, and get to share some of my best images with those who didn’t make it down to see the show. To view the gallery in its entirety, CLICK HERE.

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