“Nobody puts Baby in a corner”…

Just as timely as the arrival of Patrick Swayze’s “Johnny Castle” in the final moments of Dirty Dancing, an unexpected hand in the blogging community has reached out to me, and saved me. In the few short months since I started this blog, I’ve tested the creative waters, dipping my toes into various types of photography; Nature, Architecture, Portraits, Glamour, Graphics, Wedding and Small Product images. Recently, I found myself feeling cornered, like Jennifer Grey, held captive under the trance of several well-meaning photography tutorials preaching the importance of “finding your unique brand” (a.k.a. PICK SOMETHING ALREADY) to the point of wondering “Do I know who I am as a photographer? What or who do I want to photograph most? Can I narrow myself down to only one market audience? Do I even want to?” I started to wonder if carrying on with a blog of such varying topics would backfire by creating a confused audience. On the other hand, if I have any chance of being a successful photographer, I need to be able to form a connection with my clients, to share my journey with them and build their trust and confidence in my skills and VERSATILITY. In this respect, I feel the blog handles that quite well. Apparently, someone else does too! It is my pleasure and delight to have received the “Versatile Blogger Award” along with 14 other bloggers that have struck a chord with my friend Jenn at That’s a Jenn Story.

Consequently, I have discovered there are three rules for accepting an award of this nature.

The first is (a shocking concept) to THANK Jenn for the nomination. Realizing this is not a prestigious award in the ranks of the real world, my virtual appreciation extends thanks (and hopefully more bloghits) your way! Enter gratuitous plug… VISIT “That’s A Jenn Story“, you’ll love it 🙂

I am also required to reveal 7 Sordid or Silly Secrets about myself. This will certainly seal my fate as a multi-dimensional figure, so I may have to assume a pseudonym should I ever decide to limit myself to just ONE of the many photographic genres (not likely to happen). Here goes…

1. I secretly want to live in the world of Little House on the Prairie. Open land, fresh air, honest hard work and values, and time to play. The days of unstructured, unsupervised play are all but gone and I miss that for my kids. Playing in other people’s yards and building forts without permits and blueprints will get you into jail or therapy these days. I secretly despise television and would much rather spend an evening reading a story as the girls brush and braid eachother’s hair and “Pa” puts another log on the fire. And you have to admit, pantaloons are pretty damn sexy!

2. My most prized possession (besides my newly acquired DSLR camera…Thanks, Dad!) is my GIANT, red, hardcover Webster’s Dictionary. Placed high up on the top bookshelf, it is off limits to anyone but me, and was a gift received by my writing muse in the angstful “poetry days” of my youth. Call me a nerd, but in our days of .com’s and Wikipedia, there’s something liberating and downright rebellious about slamming a 10 pound leatherbound powerhouse of knowledge on the table that doesn’t include the “words” OMG, LOL or LMFAO.

3. I want to be a billionaire. So freakin’ bad.

4. My soul is most content when I am sitting in the third pew on a Sunday morning, my eyes closed, listening to the sounds of the church choir, with a daughter on each side, their arms entangled with mine.  What a way to begin your week.

5. Ok, so you know that scene from Halloween II where the nurse gets her head dunked in the therapeutic hot tub till her face melts off? Yeah, THAT’s just about how hot I like my baths. If I don’t come out beat red hearing my pulse pound thru my head it just isn’t worth it.

6. Call me a “kiss ass”, but I am unabashedly seeking my mother’s approval in almost everything I do. Not at my own expense, or in a way that replaces my own values with hers, but in a way that ensures the preservation of the mother/daughter bond I have grown to appreciate more and more as the years go by. Conversely, I am raising my own daughters so that my own ass gets a little kissing down the road. Hey, it’s only fair!

7. I have developed an unhealthy addiction to General Gao’s chicken. I have some in my freezer. It’s 5am. I’m not afraid to have it for breakfast.

Finally, I must nominate 15-20 other bloggers for this award. This creates an even bigger challenge than coming up with my 7 secrets, as I am a “newbie” in the blogger world and am only now beginning to peruse the writings of others in the community. In the interest of being responsible, I will need time to surf the blogosphere and gather a complete list of faves for this honor (hold breath, stay tuned and please feel free to recommend a blog or two for my reading pleasure). In the interest of keeping the momentum going for my readers, here is a short list of blogs to whet your appetite…

1. Today’s Hullabaloo

2. Erb Photo’s Blog

3. Michelle Mach Beads and Books

4. My friend Kim’s blog which I’m SURE she’ll have ready in time for my follow-up post…right, Kim???? hint hint

5 thoughts on ““Nobody puts Baby in a corner”…


  2. Hi Kirsten,

    Thanks for including my blog in your list! It’s good to see you in the blog world. It’s fascinating to see your take on different types of photography. (I especially enjoyed the wedding photos you recently took!)

    I love your list of secrets. I’d recommend The Synonym Finder as a nice companion for your dictionary. It’s red, too. (Well, burgundy.)

    1. Thank YOU Michelle! For those of you who don’t know Michelle, she shares one of my other passions…beading….and is a freelance writer/editor. She allowed me the opportunity to contribute an article on jewelry photography to Beading Daily Magazine. You can view the article by visiting my “PRESS” page and going alllllllll the way down to the bottom. Michelle, I will definitely seek out the Synonym Finder, thanks for the tip!

    2. A SYNONYM FINDER?? No way! Must. get. one.

      I think part of the fun of these “awards” is seeing the creative ways the recipients thank the “donor.” (Nominator? What?) Thanks, Kirsten! I loved the secrets, too. And the way you expressed them.

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