I “Don’t do Weddings”! (or do i?)

I arrived at my girls’ after-school-care center a few weeks ago to find myself in a very peculiar predicament. My 8-yr-old daughter Natalie, who also happens to be my #1 fan and creative consultant, had lovingly “booked” me as a wedding photographer for one of the teacher’s upcoming weddings. My heart was not only grateful, but dreadful as well. As I was approached by this beautiful bride-to-be I had to politely explain “I don’t do weddings, I’m sorry”. As the weeks passed, I rec’d subsequent nudgings by my daughter to “think it over”. Terrified of the liability that comes with documenting the events of what is arguably THE most important day of a new couple’s lives, the FIRST day of their new life together, I did not waver in my conviction. Until maybe now.

After church this past Sunday, the coffee fellowship was booming with a congregation feasting in honor of the post-nuptual celebration of our Director of Christian Education, my friend Jenn Layte (formerly Jenn Grosser) and her husband Paul Layte. After their honeymoon in Montreal, they reunited with the church family in celebration of their marriage. I just happened to have my camera on me and noticed that the new bride was carrying around a camera of her own. What???? That wouldn’t do. I asked if I would be intruding if I took a few pictures. After getting an approving “go ahead” I ended up taking what I think is fairly complete coverage for an amateur. I didn’t have any other equipment on me aside from my most basic of SLR digital cameras (no speedlite, no reflectors, no fancy lenses). Will wedding photography be in my future? I’m still not quite sure, but I admit it was an honor to be able to capture the inherent positive energy and beauty and hope of this type of celebration, even if for just a few hours.

Click HERE to view my gallery of Jenn and Paul’s post-nuptial reception at my second-home, Greendale People’s Church. My prayers to a blessed and blissful future for the newlyweds. God Bless, and thank you for celebrating with us. Kirsten

2 thoughts on “I “Don’t do Weddings”! (or do i?)

  1. Thank you, Kirsten! I was honoured by your offer. What a great collection of memories! I definitely think you should reconsider the whole “wedding photography” thing. 🙂

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