Great Model Shoot at Worcester Photo Studios

Wow. What a rush. Never have I experienced anything like THIS before. I can only describe it as having lost my “photographic virginity”. Taking that leap away from comfortable subjects such as landscapes, family and friends can be terrifying. I finally got over my fear of photographing people Sunday by just jumping right into the crazy world of a model shoot. What is a model shoot? A self contained universe of photographers, models, hair and makeup artists, in an atmosphere saturated with creative energy. I can’t take credit for the sets and lighting which were already set up, only for going out of my comfort zone directing models to pose for me (Austin Powers came to mind quite a bit for some reason!). The models were so cool and down to earth. The whole experience was very liberating for me. I don’t believe this is the direction I see myself taking in my photography, but I will take from the experience what I can and not rule out another shoot in the future just for fun. Now that I know I CAN put my camera in front of an unfamiliar face, direct, shoot, and come out the other end with a satisfying image, my goal will be to construct these types of images from the ground up on my own if a client requests it. I still prefer shooting in natural light and capturing emotion, not just beauty.

Click HERE to view my gallery from the shoot.

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