2012 Goal Setting Meeting (W.A.P.)

Tonight I found myself back at Jeff Baker’s studio, a place I’ve committed to visiting several times this year, this time as part of a focus group to share, document and keep track of our photographic goals for the year ahead. The energy in the room was incredible. About 20 in attendance, and all with a multitude of “to-do” lists, both personal and as photographers. Hopes of finally getting organized, or learning basic studio lighting, buying new equipment, restoring old photos, commiting to a personal project such as the 100-print project, or some modification thereof, were all shared among us.

My personal goals? SCRIBBLES…all over the front and back of the template sheet emailed to us by one-woman support system, group organizer Donna D. As I waited for my turn to share, I struggled not keep adding to the congestion as I identified with each goal shared. Oh! I need to do THAT too! Surprisingly, by the time it came around to me, I had everything organized into time frames and was pleased with the expectations I was holding myself to. As instructed, I had a trusted someone (my creative consultant and 8 yr. old daughter, Natalie) review my goals and sign on the dotted line as my witness. So you want to know what my goals are? You’ll just have to wait and see them unfold!

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