Holiday Print Swap (You got your chocolate in my peanut butter…)

Funny how you can be in a circle of people and have no idea who you are speaking with, nor that they’ve already had an impact on your life. Such is what happened to me at the closing of the annual Holiday Print Swap with the other members of Worcester Alliance of Photographers (WAP, f.k.a. Worcester Photography Center Meetup Group). After listening to a man discuss his latest projects, and viewing samples of them on his iphone, it occured to me that he was David Kahn, the “guy in charge” of the gallery in Natick one of my images had recently been chosen for and hanging there as we spoke. Once I mentioned this, (“hey, i have my photo in your gallery”) it was nice to have him not only recall which photo was mine, but also mention my other submissions that were not in the show, but apparently had enough impact to come to mind.

The swap was great, such talent among us in that group, and I was thrilled to be on the receiving end of a print donated by our club organizer, Donna Dufault (see me here holding it up for all to see). I enjoyed telling the story behind my own print “In Memory Of” when someone opened it.  Jeff Baker’s studio was again, the perfect place for this gathering, and it looks like I may be working with Jeff some time next year on a top secret project, if I am so fortunate!

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