My daughters’ Holiday Photo Shoot

My first pre-planned photo shoot couldn’t have been timed more perfectly. A beautiful, sunny Thanksgiving afternoon would not be wasted, (although I admit I was tempted to spend it on the couch digesting my holiday turkey feast). About 3pm, I knew the sun would be on it’s way down, so I piled the girls, in their holiday outfits, into the mom bus and drove to our favorite park. While it’s not much of a challenge to get my girls to pose for the camera, I promised free reign of the muddy playground AFTER the photos were done. The sun set below the horizon just as I shot my final image.

I love working with natural light, (especially since I despise on-camera flash and don’t yet know how to properly use off-camera flash). It was great to have the sun hovering just low enough to provide beautiful backlighting, but not be in the dark. I realized in post processing, however, that I will have to be aware of positioning my subject to avoid the infamous glow of the backlit ear. I know I have a lot more than that to learn, but you learn by DOING. I am overall pleased with the photos that came out of our afternoon, and they made it a memorable and enjoyable one with their willingness to try different poses, locations and their lighthearted mood. The only thing that would have made it better would have been having the icecream stand open. Click HERE to see my gallery from the shoot.

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