My First Gallery Appearance

 My first gallery appearance commenced in September at the new gallery at the Worcester City Hall in Worcester, MA. My image titled “Sky Mark Tower, Main Street” features the building it is named for in high contrast black and white. Shot from the parking lot of the Worcester Public Library, this picture was actually taken in broad daylight during the Friday evening rush hour, but the inverted color scheme was later referred to by onlookers at the gallery’s opening reception as having a “gothic” feel.  The timeframe from learning my image was one of 25 images chosen for the gallery to the actual reception was a learning experience to say the least. Prior to this, I had no experience whatsoever with matting, framing, signing, naming or pricing, (thank goodness someone else took care of the HANGING!). I learned quickly what a full-frame print size was and learned the hard way about having a mat custom fit to eliminate cropping valuable inches out of your shot. Most importantly, however, I learned that an image can go thru capture, download, post-processing, submission, JURY, printing and hanging without anyone noticing a minor detail such as an inserted lens flare being out of place (sitting atop the light POLE rather than around the light itself).  At first I panicked at the sight, but the whole process was very intense for me, and it was almost a relief to have something to chuckle to myself about as I played the “ant on the wall” at the reception, listening to comments to see if anyone noticed (a sort of a top-secret “Where’s Waldo?” game). Needless to say I will be giving my images a pixel by pixel look over before printing for hanging in any more galleries! Please visit my “PRESS” page for links to articles related to this gallery.

A special “THANKS” to my parents, my husband and my son, for showing their support and attending the Gallery Grand Opening Reception downtown with me. We enjoyed a wonderful late-summer evening including a walking tour of downtown architecture and a catered jazz and wine reception. I’m hoping this will be the first of many to come.


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